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The Art of Stone Carving

Is stone carving still a profession? #stonecarver

Yes, and better, it's a passion. Our profession; check that...our passion, exists alongside a world full of mass produced, laser fabricated and imported replicates.

What is Stone Carving?

Popular Definition: Stone carving is an activity where pieces of rough stone are shaped by the controlled removal of stone. Owing to the permanence of the material, stone work has survived which was created during our prehistory. While structurally accurate, this definition is rough and shaped by the controlled removal of creativity and personalization in today's world.

Stone Carving is the transference of an idea, a personal history, a civic or corporate ethos to a permanent medium: stone (granite, marble, slate, basalt, natural stones, glass, etc).

What Do Stone Carvers Produce?

Through the application of artistic design, stone layout and numerous carving techniques; Stone Carvers produce lasting messages, tributes and distinctive art for: Individuals, Civic & Fraternal Organizations and Commercial Interests. These productions come in many forms:

  • Architectural Plagues #architecturalstone

  • Carved Foundation Cornerstones

  • Engraved Signs

  • Etched Glass

  • Hand Carved Memorials #memorials

  • Custom Stone Panels

  • and an endless number of alternative formats

Custom vs. Mass Produced Stone Products?

The old adage holds true: you know it when you see it. Independent of whether you are looking for architectural panels, stone signs or monument & memorials there are always mass produced stone and non-stone alternatives. Those products exist and are mass marketed utilizing standard templates which result in uniform and generic designs and fonts. But do your research. Mass produced doesn't always mean lowest price, and rarely (when it comes to stone) does it result in the best value. Many mass produced designs, stone styles, etc. are sold via channels which significantly mark up and present product as 'unique'.

When considering any of the products or formats listed in the previous section consider getting quotes and designs from local stone artisans and fabricators. Often times pricing is both competitive and inside the prices of market conglomerates (e.g. memorials, architectural panels). Additionally, it will always be the case that your design and finished product will be unique and memorable.

What's Next?

The focus of our blog is to present and promote our passion: Conceptualizing, Design and Crafting distinctive stone projects. We invite you to share your thoughts, ideas and questions to the forum. Next article: Custom Architectural Stone: Does it Make a Difference.

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