Frequently asked questions

What cities and communities does Front Range Engraving serve?

Front Range Engraving is headquartered in Historic Downtown Littleton. Our core market is the Denver Metro and generally and hours drive in any direction. However, we have many loyal customers in Aspen, Vail, Brackenridge, Fort Collins, Granby, Colorado Springs and occasionally specialty orders in Durango, Cheyenne and beyond. We’re committed to serving our clientele.

Front Range Engraving is a licensed Colorado contractor. We have or establish legal contractor permits for each city that we serve and process all local and regional taxes with the revenue authority of those municipalities.

How do you determine if a boulder or stone is engraveable?

This is an important question. Every stone can be engraved…but not every stone should be engraved. Our designers and engraving teams are a bit of perfectionists and we want the engraved flagstone, marble, granite and natural stones to look great. As such the general rule of thumb is that a natural boulder should have a general smooth side and consistency on the engraved face. We generally advise our cusotmers to take pictures of several stones and we’ll discuss the options with each. For existing boulders on properties we will advise customers what is possible with the stone and work design, artwork and engraving around imperfect situations.

What type of signs does Front Range Engraving specialize in?

Anything in stone, large format glass and bronze. Examples include:

•Custom Engraved Outdoor Signage •Residential Community Entrance Signs •Engraved Commercial Signs •Custom Stone Signs for Historical Markers and Landmarks •Engraved Hospital Signs •Engraved Building Signs •Engraved Library Signs •Engraved Signs for Nature Trails •Engraved Signs for Museums •Engraved Signs for Schools •Engraved Directional Signs •Commercial Address Boulders •Custom Engraved Outdoor Boulders & Stones •Engraved Business Stones & Boulders •Engraved Residential Community Entrance Boulders & Stones •Engraved Residential Signs •Engraved Landscape Boulders & Stones •Engraved Home Owner Signs •Engraved Signs for Homeowners Associations •Engraved Signs for Golf Courses •Engraved Signs for Farms and Ranches •Engraved Signs for Landscaping Companies •Engraved Signs for Churches •Engraved Signs for Resorts, Motels, Hotels and Resorts •Engraved Signs for Cemeteries •Engraved Signs for Clubs and Fraternal Organizations •Engraved Signs for Residential Subdivisions •Engraved Signs for Banks •Engraved Civic Institution Signs •Civic & Historical Bronze Signs and Plaques

We stand by our work from design through completed projects.

Why would I use Front Range Engraving vs. traditional sign design and installation companies?

Front Range Engraving specializes in stone & glass signs exclusively. We don’t design, source or install neon, metal, electric, banner signs, etc. that broader scope sign companies provide. When traditional sign companies work with Stone Monument Signage they subcontract the design, engraving, heavy installation to Front Range Engraving. Stone design, engraving and the sheer weight of the signs requires knowledge of stone, engraving and heavy weight crane trucks, all services and capabilities that Front Range Engraving provides.

The bigger reason. Our vision and creativity with stone designs, stone formats and engraving techniques provide our customers more options and at reduced costs to alternative sources.

Does Front Range Engraving install heavy stone monuments?

Front Range Engraving has the technical experience and tools required to install heavy stone for cemetery headstones, monuments, commercial, civic and residential projects. Our team works directly with clients, cemeteries, facility managers and general contractors to plan, dry run and execute the precision installation of architectural, monument and landscaping stone.

Do you install headstones & memorials in cemeteries?

Front Range Engraving operates monument setting crane trucks used to deliver and install monuments, memorials, benches, headstones, gravestones, natural boulders across Colorado. We are experienced at working with public and private cemeteries, memorial parks, cremation gardens and church cemeteries.

Memorial Installation Management: Our team works directly with cemetery staff, cremation and funeral homes administrators before monuments are delivered and installed.

Do you perform onsite engraving in Cemeteries?

Front Range Engraving provides inscriptions and engravings on headstones, gravestones and memorials that have already been set in Denver area cemeteries. It doesn't matter if we built the monument or another monument company designed the monument. We are experts at matching engraving style, font and letter sizes in use on the monument.

Why would I use you vs. other online engraved brick companies?

Fair question. Our recommendation is this. Call the provider you use and get comfortable with what you are hearing. Ask for recommendations. It is one thing to put content on a website and quite another to deliver projects over several decades.

We are committed to providing full-service, quality products. We look forward to winning your trust and supporting your project.

How many letters fit on an engraved brick?

The # of letters depends upon the size of the brick, tile or paver. We will provide a specific outline once the final brick, paver or tile styles are selected for your project; however, the following is a general outline to work with:

1 - 4 x 8 Brick: 18-20 Characters per Line, 1-4 Lines

2 - 8 x 8 Brick: 18-20 Characters per Line, 1-8 Lines

3 - 12 x 12 Brick: 22-25 Characters per Line, 1-12 Lines